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We have one life.

There is one earth.


Make your days on this planet we call home as sustainable as possible so we can leave it in a better condition than when we arrived, and so that future generations can continue to

live a good life on earth.


Our Zero Waste Starter Box is ideal for those who are new

to this and want to be sure they start on the right footing.



In this box, the first under our Special Interest range,

we have curated these items that promise

to serve you well on your Zero Waste journey:

  • Reusable produce bag

  • Stainless steel water bottle

  • Reusable lunch bag

  • Biodegradable paper straws

  • Eats, Shoots, Roots Seed Box


TOTAL RETAIL VALUE of more than RM100

Now at a special introductory price of

only RM80

*FREE delivery within West Malaysia;

flat rate of RM10 to East Malaysia

PLUS Add on a Baggu shopping bag

for only RM45! (UP: RM55)

*Comes in a variety of colours and designs;

select at check-out