Think out of the box, they said. 

Don't box yourself in, they cautioned.

We threw caution out the window and  spent

months thinking INSIDE the box.

Our concept is simple:  Happiness, joy and love in little packages bundled into a bigger package and delivered to you.  It's like getting a gift for yourself, one that's full of surprises      as  you won't know what exactly awaits.  But you know it's going to be good, because we  source, handpick   and/or customise every single item in each box according to our totally unscientific, entirely intuitive Happy Chart.


Needless to say, only the top scorers make it to the final selection. And we're a quarterly box, so you get a fresh mix of goodies every 3 months.

Nothing makes us more happy than to make you happy.

choose Happy. Always.